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In the delicate sector of working hides our company has been able to carve out an elite position in the branch of sales and service for specific machines that are essential for the production process.
Thanks to our vast experience matured in many years of work, backed up by many national and international operations, Vissani Macchine s.r.l. had become a consolidated reality. In the production process for the working of hides
it is always advisable to bring together the skill of the specialized craftsman with the useful function of the specific latest machinery.
And here we come into play: the many years of experience in the sector helps us to always recommend the proper machine, it is possible to choose from a vast variety on offer to create the perfect synergy between man and machine for the purpose of achieving a five star result.

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Vissani Macchine involved not only in recommending and selling the best machines for working hides for the production of shoes and leather goods in general but offers a support service in all of Italy.
We are always ready to direct them to the perfect purchase to satisfy their productive needs but we are very fast in carrying out repairs and maintenance of every type.
In this case too we try to create a winning fusion: the skill of our expert specialized professionals comes together with the supply of original spare parts from the manufacturers. The result? The machine will be back at work full time, just like the first days in action. All this at super convenient prices!
We are also involved in the sale of stock hides and in regular batches and we have a warehouse which has about 500 new and used (refurbished) machines that are all ready for delivery. Safety is always in first place, even when we speak only of the sale of machines for working hides: our belief is to always act in full compliance with current accident reduction legislation.

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